American beauty film review

A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Materialism, hypocrisy, inappropriate behavior, and a crucial devaluing of relationships threaten middle-class American families. The only hope of redemption lies in the ability of its younger members to speak the truth, turn their backs on the demeaning values of their parents, and find strength in one another.

American beauty film review

Jason Morales 4 March Warning: Spoilers Sam Mendes' big screen directorial debut will one day be mentioned along with classic greats like Psycho, Vertigo, and Sunset Blvd. That way, I won't ruin it, if like me, you stayed away from all reviews and talk about American Beauty until you actually saw the movie.

To my surprise, I somewhat succeeded. The script, wonderfully written by American beauty film review Ball, who like Mendes is doing his first try in this certain ball park, and hitting a home run. Sorry for the cheesy analogy, but I may talk like that through out this review because this is the kind of movie where words can do no justice and it's almost impossible to translate your feelings into words.

But back to American Beauty. That is probably one of the most accurate taglines I've ever read in my life. Lester Burnham Kevin Spacey, in what may be the best role of his career, which used to be Swimming With Sharks is reaching his mid-fourties.

American beauty film review

Uh-oh, mid-life crisis time, he rarely ever talks to his daughter Thora Birch whose feelings for him, border on hate. He and his wife Carolyn, Annette Benning, being able to make me forget about In Dreams constantly bicker and the whole Burnham family quietly sit at the dinner table except for the occasional quibble about this or that, for instance "Mom, why do we have to listen to this elevator music?

Colonel Fitts Chris Cooper, giving one of the finest supporting character performances this yearis a hard-core Army officer. Every six months, he makes his son Ricky take a urine test to make sure he's not on drugs.

His idea of fun is sitting in front of the t.

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Ricky Fitts is a hopeless optimistic. He is what Dawson from the Creek wishes he could be. Ricky walks around everywhere with his hand held camcorder while selling dope of the side filming all the beauty in the world. He finds a new subject to add to his beauty collection of film.

At first she doesn't like his new interest in her and thinks he's weird, but as the film progresses, they get to know each other and she starts to understand Ricky, and instead of thinking he's weird, thinking he's special.

Special in being able to find beauty in the most minor and trivial things you can think of. One night, Carolyn, in an effort to help Lester save his relationship with Janey, although, it could be her trying to save her own relationship with her daughter makes Lester go with her to a basketball game at Janey's high school, where she cheerleads.

Angela sets something off inside Lester and wakes him up from his 20 year sleep and makes him start changing and living life to the fullest. Although this is work of an ensemble cast, this is really Spacey's forum. The acting throughout this film is remarkable.

Newcomer Wes Bently was excellent as the outcast Ricky, who came off as shy, yet confident. The cinematography in this film is majestically beautiful, in every frame, it's almost as if you're invited right into the scene.

For instance, in one scene when Spacey came home from a cocktail party with Benning, he was in the refrigerator getting a root beer and out popped Suvari, I was so entranced into that scene, that I actually felt Spacey's startle when he saw her.

American beauty film review

This movie could be categorized as a drama, although throughout the movie, I had a smile on my face. I got to know these characters, almost as if, as friends. In a gossipy kind of way, I couldn't wait to see what happened next because this film was a look behind the scenes of real suburban life.

These people portrayed, really do exist in the world. Somewhat like the people in Happiness, the people and what they do are just like things families you know do, or even your family does. The last scene of this film is amazing.

Although it starts too early, way before it's ready to, it pays off at the end. With tensions building, and emotions rising, the inevitable climax will leave you breathless while making you wish it wouldn't happen and that somehow it would change. There is so much more to say about this movie, and so much left out, but I can't help it.

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Sam Mendes' American Beauty is an instant masterpiece, as Lester says in the movie, "You have no idea what i'm talking about, I'm sure. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.Critics Consensus: Flawlessly cast and brimming with dark, acid wit, American Beauty is a smart, provocative high point of late '90s mainstream Hollywood film%.

Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of American Beauty. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.5/5. The best film of , the best film of its decade and for now anyways, American Beauty stands tall as the best film ever made.

out of found this helpful. Was this review . Oct 01,  · Watch video · His "purpose" in the film, unlike anyone else's, is a mystery, thus making him the most enigmatic person. Most films are able to make a lasting impression on its audience, but never has a movie been known to "move" its viewers as much as this movie/10(K).

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Peter Travers declares 'American Beauty' is a "triumph.". The reputation of American Beauty, the cinematic debut of the young British stage director Sam Mendes, has compounded at an extraordinary, exponential rate since its US release.

Initially regarded.

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