Apush midterm study guide: the responsible in discovering america essay

Reasons for taking this course: Prepare for college level classes, improve your test and essay writing skills, learn how to properly study not everything is on Wikipedia or AP study notessave money on a college course, and get to learn from me, Mr. Many people view history merely as a set of dates and facts to be memorized, but history is much more than that.

Apush midterm study guide: the responsible in discovering america essay

Florence An Italian city-state and leading cultural center during the Renaissance. Giovanni Boccaccio A student of Petrarch, he was also a pioneer of humanist studies. Cosimo de Medici By allying himself with influential people in Florence he became an unofficial ruler himself in the earlyish 15th century son of Giovanni de Medici Hapsburg Valois Wars between Charles V and Valois family of France to gain control of Burgandian Netherlands Nobles People from rich and powerful families Clergy A body of officials who perform religious services, such as priests, ministers or rabbis.

Peasants A farmer with a small farm Gentry A class of powerful, well-to-do people who enjoy a high social status Townspeople There were serfs, peasants, merchants, king, nobles, knights, lords. The rise to prominence of this class was one of the most important developments in European society during Medieval Ages.

Feudal Lords They were the only people with the right to exploit the land, in exchange they pledged obedience to the king. Brothers of the Common Life An influential lay religious movement that began in the Netherlands and permitted men and women to live a shared religious life without making formal vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Indulgences Selling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church. It was common practice when the church needed to raise money. The practice led to the Reformation. This act began the Reformation Ulrich Zwingli Swiss reformer, influenced by Christian humanism.

He looked to the state to supervise the church. Banned music and relics from services. Killed in a civil war. John Calvin French theologian. Developed the Christian theology known as Calvinism.

Attracted Protestant followers with his teachings. Blaise Pascal A french mathematician and scientist. He believed that religious faith was necessary because reason alone could not satisfy peoples, hopes and aspiration.

Claimed there were only 2 sacraments: Lutherans and Calvinists did not attend. Politique French political faction with no strong religious ties that tried to manipulate political divisions in France for its own political gain.


Oliver Cromwell English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War Phillip II of Spain European ruler who tried to make England Catholic by marrying the Queen and sending an armada; Spain reached the height of its influence and power because of him, he did not listen to his advisors and dictated all actions of Spain Elizabeth I of England She supported the northern protestant cause as a safeguard against Spain attacking England.

She had her rival, Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded. In league with the Montmorency-Chatillon, the Bourbons supported the Huguenot protesters to battle the Guises for political reasons. Henry established the Church of England in James I Stuart monarch who ignored constitutional principles and asserted the divine right of kings.

Declaration of Indulgence Charles II granted free worship to non-conformist protestants, parliament thought it was a back-door catholic move. Used by kepler Nicolaus Copernicus Polish clergyman. Sun was the center of the universe; the planets went around it. On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres.

Tried to explain motion of the universe.

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Francis Bacon English politician, writer. Formalized the empirical method. Used Families to produce goods and services. Became heiress of Austria and her husband became Holy Roman Emperor.

Mother of Joseph II.Apush Midterm Study Guide: The Responsible In Discovering America Essay Sample. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. 1. Who “discovered” America? Christopher Columbus. Native Americans were already at that place.

Dutch were the proficient inventors. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On Apush Midterm Study Guide. Start studying APUSH IDs All Units.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Manifest Destiny was stimulated by nationalism and an idealistic vision of human perfectibility.

It was America's duty to extend liberty and democratic institutions across the continent. Underlying this divine American mission was a feeling of cultural—even racial—superiority.

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Apush midterm study guide: the responsible in discovering america essay

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Oprah is the richest African-American in America but she ranks at number of Forbes richest Americans. Apush Midterm Study Guide: The Responsible In Discovering America Essay Sample Pollution: Water and Ultra Violet Rays Essay Sample The demise of the Native Americans Essay.

The time period which Europe flourished and the rebirth of new ideas and love of art, The great period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning in the 14thth centuries, which marked the transition into the modern periods of European history.

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