Atticus rough draft

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Atticus rough draft

The main character is not guilty by reason of insanity Convince or persuade Lesson Overview: Students will identify important quotes from "Lamb to the Slaughter" then use the quotes to write a persuasive essay in the form of a closing argument from a defense attorney.

Atticus rough draft

Students will also use the trait of word choice to strengthen their persuasive arguments. Unfortunately, her husband is not as devoted and asks for a divorce one evening. His wife is devastated by this news and snaps. She picks up the frozen leg of lamb she was going to fix for dinner and bashes him over the head with it, killing him instantly.

She quickly formulates a plan to get away with his murder and the story culminates with the feeding of the murder weapon to the police. This story is a great way to teach the concept of irony, and the surprise ending always delights the reader.

Begin by asking students to name a few of the famous books by Roald Dahl that they have read in the past. Once they have named a few, tell them that they will be reading a short story today by Mr.

Dahl, but that it takes a much darker turn than his usual stories. This one involves a murder!

Atticus rough draft

Explain that they will be reading the story today with a specific purpose in mind. They are going to imagine that the murderer has been apprehended and put on trial for what the have done.

In fact, they are going to assume the role of defense attorney for the accused murderer. Tell the students that they are going to have to pay close attention to details in the story as they read, because their job is to prove that the murderer is not guilty of the crime she is accused of committing.

Re-Focusing on Story Excerpts: Direct them now to the graphic organizer I have included with this lesson, which has hints provided for each type of quote to guide them in the right direction. Tell them they may wish to work with a partner as they go back through the story looking for quotes and evidence that they can use to support their closing argument and their case for temporary insanity.

They will need to gather at least three quotes from the story that support that their client was of a diminished mental capacity at the time of the crime and is no longer in that state, in order to avoid prison time.

Starting the Writing Assignment: The closing argument easily lends itself to the standard five paragraph persuasive essay. Students should begin their piece with an introduction to their plea of temporary insanity followed by a paragraph for each of their three quotes, along with an explanation of how each relates to Mrs.The De Legibus (On the Laws) is a dialogue written by Marcus Tullius Cicero during the last years of the Roman bears the same name as Plato’s famous dialogue, The his previous work de re publica, in which Cicero felt compelled to set the action in the times of Scipio Africanus Minor, Cicero wrote this work as a fictionalized dialogue between himself, his brother.

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ZachQYoung. Search this site. Strand 1. Final Exam Essay. To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Rough draft 1. Sitemap. Navigation. To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Rough draft 1. The United States faced many years of prejudice, and it eventually brought us to a civil war that made us stronger and more united as a country.

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