Business development plan pastelon to go

Best Restaurants Find out how we rank our old—and new—favorites in Edited by Suzanne Loudermilk. The surprise this year is how many newcomers made the list and how many of last year's contenders like The Brass Elephant closed due to the economic downturn. We always start the reviewing process with everyone on an equal playing field—sort of like the start of baseball and football season.

Business development plan pastelon to go

Plantains - four-six ripe ones you should see lots of black Heat dash of oil, sofrito, Sazon, onion and garlic on medium heat until well sauteed.

Business development plan pastelon to go

Add ground beef and tomato sauce and stir until well cooked, but not dry. Make sure ground beef is well ground, if that makes sense. I add the optional cheese to cooked beef I use about oz. We like the flavor, but it also helps to bind the meat together. Peel and slice plantains lengthwise.

If the plantains are large, you'll probably get about three-four lengths per plantain.

Cultura and Life in Puerto Rico

Saute plantain slices in medium-hot oil for a few mintues, flipping halfway through cooking. Set slices on metal rack to cool, and allow the oil to drip off. Layer plantains along bottom of greased 9x9 pan.

Pour two eggs, beaten, over bottom layer. Top with ground beef layer. Repeat plantain and beef layers, making sure the plantain layer is the top. Optional cheese layer on top. Cook in oven for about 35 minutes, making sure eggs are cooked and not watery.

Getting started

So normally I would have lots of pictures for you of the cooking, assembly, etc. But the batteries on my external flash died. You only get one picture But I can't blog about food and not post at least one picture, right?From business registration, business plan writing, product / service development, and marketing to selling your products and services and acquiring your first customer.

Don’t go it alone. Work with us and take advantage of our decades of technical business assistance experience, our financial partnerships and our connections to business. “Latino development has bolstered our community; it’s a draw to our neighborhood,” says Rudiak.

She says they plan to carry a wide variety of brews, with an emphasis on imports. Nov 29,  · Also giving thanks that we live in such a vibrant city with so much new development going on that some days it is dizzying!:) 22 Share this post.

Link to post If the federal tax plan is passed there will be a glut of homes in the more expensive areas as the Home interest and tax deductions will be eliminated.

In Conclusion

Nashville Bits and . Unless expressly acknowledged in the Business Development Plan, the text, analysis, recommendations and, in general, the substance of my Business Development Plan are my supervisorial work.

The data therein are real and not fabricated. Government and Business Offices Close Early. If you plan on getting some business done while you’re in the Domincan Republic, be forewarned—office hours end at 5pm sharp, and you’re unlikely to find anyone willing to stay late.

On top of that, if you need to visit any government offices, consulates, or embassies, those close no later than. Pastelon Dominicano - If you happen to have some ripe plantains known as Maduros, and some ground beef, you just need to add some extra ingredients and make Pastelón.

Serve it with a green salad and voilà; Dominican dinner is on the table.

Mercadito Raices is a hit at the Latino Festival!!!! | Small Business Development Center