Define fast paced editing services

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Define fast paced editing services

We want you to know what we know about creating better recordings and other information that will help you produce the transcripts you need for your efforts.

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These are tips primarily for those dictating or recording audio. We also have Tips for Correct Transcription. Information on this page is the opinion of Type-thing Services and is not certified in any way to be accurate, free from error, or applicable for your particular use.

If you have other questions or suggestions for other material, please let us know. About recording quality How can you ensure the best transcription for your business?

Finding a good transcriptionist is one answer; however, effort to transcribe a tape, the overall quality of the transcript, and the cost of producing the transcript is dependent on the quality of the audio file or tape that is generated.

By producing a good recording, you may be able to reduce the cost of your transcription, increase accuracy of transcription and reduce the number of "indiscernible" sections on your transcript. Things to do Speak clearly. Speak at good level volume. Speak in a rushed or hurried voice or mumble.

Have people speak one at a time. Have people talk at once and interrupt each other frequently. For digital or tape recorders, record on fast speed or high quality setting.

This makes a clearer recording but uses more memory or tape. Record on slow speed or low quality, which uses less memory or tape but makes a "muddier" sounding recording which takes longer to transcribe possibly resulting in transcription errors. Record in a quiet environment.


Be aware of background noise from others, air conditioning, fans, music, and other sources. Record in an environment with lots of background noise like a restaurant, subway, near fans and vents, or place where others are talking or making noise.

In groups of two or more, make sure each person can be heard equally well.

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Use recording system with multiple microphones in large groups to ensure you can hear each individual. In groups of two or more, allow some people to be heard well while others are barely audible or not audible at all.

Use a microphone near the speaker. If the speaker will move around, use a wired or wireless lapel microphone. Use a stationary microphone and let the speaker move around, creating hard to hear sections on the dictation.

Only have one microphone or recorder? If possible, have all persons speaking the same distance from the recorder.

define fast paced editing services

If that is not possible, place it nearest to the most important part of the conversation or point it in that direction. Place the microphone or recorder near the interviewer so that the recording barely captures the most important part - the interviewee.

Alternatively, have the person answering questions repeat the question so it is captured on the recorded audio. You'll only obtain transcribed answers but be uncertain about the question asked. Use good quality equipment made for the number of people you are recording. Alternatively, if good equipment is not available, use multiple digital or tape recording devices around the room we will have to listen to each to fill in gaps from the others.Careers in construction.

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define fast paced editing services

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Home Editing and In the fast-paced world of Internet blogging, there isn't always enough time for you to sit down and revise your work to ensure that your meaning is clear. Blog Editing and Proofreading (up to 24, words) 72 hours. Dictation and Transcription tips by Type-thing Services.

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