Economies of scale essay

Using an example, explain what is meant by internal and external economies of scale. What does it mean if a firm experiences diseconomies of scale? Qatar Airways will internal experience economies of scale if their output rises and their long-run average cost LRAC falls. This is shown in the diagram below:

Economies of scale essay

A firm's achieving of internal economies of scale would enable it to obtain higher profits due to the incorporation of lower average costs. Various strategic methods exist in order to achieve this, such as buying in bulk.

Economies of scale essay

External factors that may affect a firm's long run average cost include improved transport facilities, access to cheaper power and infrastructure, and increased government regulation. Achieving internal economies of scale would mean that the firm would be enable to obtain higher profits due to the low average costs that are incorporated.

The long run – increases in scale

There are a number of external factors which may affect a firm's LAC Long run average cost. Some of these factors include improved transport facilities, access to cheaper power and infrastructure, and increased government regulation.

Where a firm needs to achieve a large scale level of production before it can minimise costs is known as economies of scale. Economies of scale reflect the advantage for a firm which are experiences as a firm increases its level of output. Economies of scale are reached when average cost per unit of production fall as the size of output grows.

Average cost is the per unit cost of production, obtained by dividing the total cost of producing a certain level of output by the quantity of total output.

Increased specialisation and division of labour will benefit a firm due to the fact that the productivity of the firm will increase.Economies of scale relates to returns to scale but can also be confused with this concept.

While the economies of scale refer to the firm’s average costs, the returns to scale refers to the relationship between output an input in the long-run in the production function.

Economies of scale are reductions made in the average total cost of producing a product as the firm expands the size of its output in the long run.

An economy of scale is based on mass production. For example, Fiat knew that the company's future was largely influenced by the development of mass production in Italy. Essay on Economies & Diseconomies of Scale Words | 5 Pages. Economies and Diseconomies of Scale A case for McDonalds & Movie Theaters By Michele Tarrence Econ Economies of scale are defined as ‘forces that reduce a firm’s average cost as scale of operation increases in the long run.

Economies of Scale Topic Explain the term “Economies of Scale” and explain how it can lead to lower costs per unit. (25 marks) Please use following form and picture which in attachment to answer the topic Introduction Introduce the context (in reality or theoretically) Define key terms in the essay Define your stand (agree, disagree, .

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Economies of scale essay

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