Emotional quotient research paper

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Emotional quotient research paper

Ernest Cyril de Run and Afzazuliana Abd. Emotion has been shown to play an important role in advertising and marketing Edell and Burke. Emotion towards advertisements creates a possibility for affective components to be placed in an advertisement in order to influence memory of the advertisement, its recall and recognition.

Emotional expression can also affect preferences by making individuals feel good reaction and, therefore, their attitude towards the advertisement and the product might be influenced as well. Advertising is of course replete with techniques intended to generate just that.

There are funny advertisements, advertisements showing happy events, advertisements showing success, joys and satisfaction Holman.

Emotional quotient research paper

Theoretically, emotion can play a variety of roles in consumer decision-making behaviour ranging from influencing how or where information is stored in memory to determining product or brand choice Zajonc and Markus, The effectiveness of emotion in creating a positive outlook towards the products advertised had been proved by previous studies Edell and Burke, ; Wells, Emotional quotient research paper Zajonc and Markus, If emotions are utilised in MLM advertisement, it should, therefore, be clearly noted by an Emotional Quotient scale and are considerably higher than other forms of advertisements.

Based on previous research, especially on the measurement of emotion quotient towards advertisements Wells,this paper specifically examines emotion quotient in MLM and non-MLM product advertisement, to an audience that is unaware of the status of each advertisement.

This paper is divided into several sections: Section two covers the survey methodology used. This section describes the approach used in designing the questionnaire and putting together the advertising samples in order to choose the ads to be used in the research.

The third section of the paper discuses the findings and is followed by a brief discussion.

Essay on significance of emotional quotient in modern times

The last section summarizes the findings and discussion and focuses on the implication of the research's findings, limitations, and further research that can be carried out. Such advertising assumes there is considerable unsatisfied demand for the product or service offered and, that consumers are eagerly awaiting this announcement.

Such a situation, a seller's market does not encourage sellers to understand the underlying dynamics of purchase and use, because whatever is offered is quickly consumed. Hence, the seller's insight into the consumer is minimal.

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A slightly more complicated situation occurs when production capabilities and competition among manufacturers meet consumer demand. In this scenario, a seller must claim a competitive superiority to attract buyers and usually relies on advertising to communicate that claim.

Claims frequently result from manufacturing superiority or production of products with the most desirable features. Certain types of consumer research become necessary to manufacturers where such research contains a wealth of information pertaining to consumers' thoughts information processing Holman, Consumers process product information by-attributes, brands, comparisons between brands, or a combination of these factors.

While the attributes included in the brand's message and the number of available alternatives influence the intensity or degree of information processing, consumers with higher cognitive ability apparently acquire more product information and are more capable of integrating information on several product attributes than consumers with lesser cognitive abilities.

The information-processing model of consumer behaviour Bettman, has been extensively applied to understand a tie-in between seeking, collecting and applying information to make more rational products choices. Individuals vary greatly on the amount of information they need to make a purchase decision.

Article 3 de la constitution de 1958 dissertation

Some individuals rely heavily on internal information, for example memory from past readings and prior experience, in certain product contexts while others rely on external information sources, such as brochures or printed advertisements and salespeople in the same context.

Often individuals use a combination of both internal and external with an assortment of information within each source classification Samili, Paper Masters Custom Research Papers on Intelligence Quotient Paper Masters writes custom research papers on Intelligence Quotient and discuss how the IQ is used to determine the intelligence of an individual and help identify special needs in learners.

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PDF | This paper traces the evolution of emotional intelligence as a theory and goes on to give a literature review of the same.

It discusses the . This research also shows a weak but significant correlation between emotional quotient and consumer reaction towards advertisements at +, and significant at Therefore, this paper suggests that the Wells () position is upheld and that there is a weak but significant correlation between emotional quotient and consumer reaction.

The paper relates that the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory is described as the most useful emotional quotient inventory available to date. The manufacturer describes this test as measuring an individual's ability to deal with everyday demands and pressures.