Employer legal issue legalization of

The Canadian government has announced its intention to legalize marijuana for non-medical use in the near future. Meanwhile, medical use of marijuana has been on the rise in Canada for some time.

Employer legal issue legalization of

Is your workplace ready?

Employer legal issue legalization of

Legalization for recreational use will undoubtedly be a challenge for employers. This national webinar will include experts from our Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax offices and will address issues of occupational health and safety, human rights accommodation, and how employers can practically manage in this changing landscape.

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Legal Issues: Marijuana in the Workplace

Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer at DriverCheck, to address the current evidence on use of cannabis in treatment, employee impairment, and testing technology.

Melissa Snider-Adler, will review medical issues with cannabis, including: Current evidence or lack thereof on use of cannabis for medical conditions Medical prescriptions v. A review of cases where drug use has contributed to injury or death Updates on fines and sentences, including jail, for safety and Criminal Code violations Safety sensitive positions Due diligence steps to providing a safe workplace Tara Erskine, QC, will discuss human rights issues, including:Across all industries, employers of individuals who use marijuana are also grappling with the juxtaposition of state and federal law.

State legalization of marijuana is of real concern to employers who strive to maintain productivity, ensure workplace safety, and protect workers’ rights.

How does HR fit in with risk management?

As marijuana is legalized, usage increases. What Will Legal Marijuana Cost Employers?

Employer legal issue legalization of

A White Paper By Sue Rusche and Kevin Sabet, PhD The purpose of National Families in Action’s White Paper is to educate employers about how marijuana laws are changing, how these laws will affect employers’ ability to conduct business, and what employers can do to protect that ability.

The rapid and significant changes to the legal status of marijuana raise new questions and challenges for Canadian employers. Here, we provide a general overview of the most important things employers should know about marijuana in the workplace.

Employer Legal Issue – Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Colorado voters have unfortunately approved Amendment 64, legalizing marijuana, which shall take into effect as of January 5th, As with alcohol, marijuana can be .


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Jun 27,  · Employers and workers have a duty to keep workplaces safe and work safely. While employers have a duty to accommodate medical cannabis use, recreational use of cannabis in the workplace will be a violation of the law. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, comes into force on July 1, This legislation addresses the use of Location: 43 Front Street East Suite , Toronto, M5E 1B3, Ontario.

Stay Updated In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in53 percent of Americans felt that marijuana should be legal while 44 percent supported continued criminalization.
DACA Resource: United We Dream In anticipation of Bill C becoming law, the provinces have begun preparing a framework for regulating the production, distribution, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis. With legalization fast approaching, we outline below key aspects of Bill and steps to help employers prepare for the new reality.
Legalizing Marijuana Raises Legal Issues for Employers | Blog | MMA Initially, there were some reports that recreational cannabis was to be legalized this week, by July 1, For a variety of reasons that date has been pushed back.
Legalization of Cannabis Update | Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada Today, employers are faced with increasing issues when presented with an employee who is under the influence of marijuana, tests positive for the drug, or requests the ability to be able to use marijuana for a medical reason. However, merely because the employee claims that "it is legal" does not make it "legal" in the workplace.
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