Essays on definition sager

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Essays on definition sager

They examine the subject from the point of view of philosophy, which is essential for a theory of terminology seeking to establish the relationship between concepts and terms. The following texts have been translated by J.

Essays on definition sager

In an ontological frame of mind, one can, for example, try to describe it as the essence of a certain logical-linguistic operation which is necessary for the restricted availability of linguistic signs. More modestly, one may endeavour to describe it as the meaning of a set of words in a natural language considered to be equivalent: Other modes of expressions would only cover a part of this ambitious undertaking.

It is motivated by the intention of limiting the notion and prohibiting any other usage. This objective can vary considerably according to the domain of knowledge, e.

For example, the objective may be to reveal, by means of rational language logosthe being, the essence, the quiddity of an object of thought, namely of a state rather than a beingexternal to the knowing subject.

Today we rather refer to the method used by the Stoics which, from the 17th century onwards, was revived by modern philosophy. All the intermediate positions between these two poles are possible and many have been attempted. This arbitrariness can go to extremes as certain formalist philosophies have shown; their limitations, indeed their communicative absurdity, can easily be demonstrated, as Lewis Carroll has done in his famous chapter of Through the Looking Glass.

Compare what Robinson We remember his aggressive statement: This exchange can be seen as defying the all-powerful usage and collective arbitrariness: But we must not forget the rest of the chapter. Indeed, his own name, as he explains, is indicative of his form, hump — humpback, dump — dumpy, which can describe a short and fat person.

Humpty-Dumpty is an extremist full of contradictions. Definition, logic and language Many philosophers have asked these questions long before Carroll.

Thus he presents a terminological methodology applicable to the formalisable reasoning represented by mathematics, which carefully avoids the problem of the relationship between the semantics of natural language and the construction of meaningful tools required for thinking.

This method of an alphabetical encyclopedia was considered to be complementary and apparently similar to both the mono- and multilingual language dictionaries compiled in the Western World during the 16th and 17th centuries. Contrary to appearances, this intrusion has been felt since Roman times.

Beside this attempt by a historian of philosophy and logic, one can imagine other studies from the viewpoint of the epistemology of science, from that of the theory of terminology, from that of linguistic semantics, indeed, today, from the viewpoint of variously automated cognitive science.

They also abstain from judging the one with reference to the needs of the other. By contrast, Gerolamo Sacchieri, one of the successors of the logic of the Stoics, follows the tradition of Port Royal. In the meantime, in the 19th century, several logicians and epistemologists, especially John Stuart Mill and Augustin Cournot, have dealt with the whole of this problem, the latter occupying himself with practical considerations no longer relevant only to their structure, but to the transfer of knowledge, which is very useful for lexicography.

Nor is it normally applied to the spontaneous formulations meant for the acquisition of lexical competence, in learning, as, for instance, in conversations between adults and children. Some are not very troublesome. The ambiguity between meaning and being, which occurs both in the metalanguages of semantics and lexicography, has been the subject of detailed study, especially by J.

Other ambiguities are more serious. Certainly not, any less than it can do without the implicit and explicit theories of terminology. In the past, many compilers of encyclopedias have tried it and produced typologies which are incomprehensible today, and in any case unusable, even though some of them continue to be of interest.

A noteworthy case is that of Isidore of Seville, the most distinguished encyclopedist of the Middle Ages.Resensies / Reviews Juan C. Sager (Selector and Editor).

Essays on Definition. Introduction by Alain Rey. , viii + pp. ISBN 90 0 (Eur.), 1 X. Extra info for Essays on Definition (Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice) Essays on Definition (Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice) by Juan C. Sager, Alain Rey. by Anthony Inicio Books > Logic Language > New PDF release: Essays on Definition (Terminology and Lexicography Research.

Essays on definition sager

Essays on Definition by Sager, Juan C.. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.: John Benjamins Publishing Co., New Excellent Book.. Hard Cover. New. This collection of essays on definitions, from Plato and Aristotle to modern times, assembles interesting, sometimes less widely known and controversial texts.

They examine the subject from the point of view of philosophy which is essential for a theory of terminology seeking to establish the relationship between concepts and terms. These essays deal mainly with theoretical issues but they. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Teresa Cabré Monné and others published SAGER, Juan C.

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