Help writing a fantasy novel

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Help writing a fantasy novel

If you are about to write a novel for the first time, we have some novel writing tips which may help you on your way. We have been helping first time novelists for many years and these tips are compiled from their feedback.

There is no definite way to write a novel and different people have different ways of doing it. However, we hope you find these tips useful and wish you every success with your writing.

Do it your way 1 You're the boss! It's your novel and it belongs to you so do what's comfortable.

help writing a fantasy novel

Take advice from wherever you can, but don't be told you have to do it a certain way. This advice also applies to this web page. So don't get too side-tracked with things outside the actual writing process.

It is usual for your methods and writing style to develop naturally, quite quickly. The important thing is to have confidence in yourself and get stuck in! Write about 4 Write about something you know Do you want to be a writer or a researcher?

help writing a fantasy novel

It really helps if your novel is about an interest and something you know about. If you were another person, would you enjoy reading your book? It helps you keep in touch of the readers side of the equation.

Always be aware of the differences between the book your reading and what you're writing so you don't subconsciously start mixing the two up and start using the ideas of someone else! It's also a good idea to only include things that could actually happen, even if it's a fantasy novel.

You don't want them to say, that's just silly!

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First steps 8 Loosely identify the type of your novel Is it a thriller, a crime novel, a romance There's lot's of different genres and yours may be a single one or a mixture.

Once you have a rough idea, it can help to look at critical reviews of other books in this area. It helps build up in your mind the negative pitfalls to avoid and the positives to include. A good way is to have a basic, flexible, outline you can then embellish with sub-plots and twists as you're writing.

Character Worksheets

Try to leave your options open as you progress and do not to corner yourself.Writing fight scenes is often an important task for a fantasy author. Some writers find they come naturally.

Others find them daunting, and can’t think of anything worse. How to Write Fantasy FictionChoose the kind of fantasy you're writing about. Decide whether you'll write about a medieval, futuristic or any other type of era.

Create maps to navigate by. Focus on themes readers connect with. The best fantasy novels make the unbelievable, believable by giving the reader familiar themes that they your research.

Look at the current bestselling fantasy novels and see if you can find their unique selling point. Plan ahead. Do you want your small novel to end up in as a long series?. BEST FOR: Writers who want help structuring their novel using the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, a structure which resonates for readers because it reflects the essential human journey toward growth as we move through life.

It is also helpful for writing in various genres (romance, fantasy, mystery, etc.) and gives you guidelines for structuring each within the overall context of the Hero.

If you wait for inspiration to strike before you start writing, you might never put pen to paper or fingers to keys.

That’s where writing prompts can help. Since I write scifi and fantasy, I’ve put together a list of 25 fantasy writing prompts to get you started.

These are various ideas that. Writing the Paranormal Novel: Techniques and Exercises for Weaving Supernatural Elements Into Your Story. [Steven Harper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies, oh my! Writing a paranormal novel takes more than casting an alluring vampire or arming your hero with a magic wand.

It takes an original idea. Eragon is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher heartoftexashop.comi, born in , wrote the novel while still in his teens.

After writing the first draft for a year, Paolini spent a second year rewriting and fleshing out the story and characters.

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