How easy do you think it

It's called neglect of probability. Our brains are great for doing a lot of things.

How easy do you think it

During a five year period I personally sold overpersonal training sessions. In fact, they still use my Close Clients system as the sales process to power their multi-million dollar personal training businesses.

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In the last 10 days I did consultations I have closed 21 out of 21! Last month was my biggest month EVER and in this "economy".

How easy do you think it

There were a few distinct things that I was missing that your program helped seal the deal, literally! I want to let you know that you have been the great piece of the puzzle that was missing in my PT Business.

I was somewhat successful before putting your services and teachings to work and in the last year alone I have added more than 65K to my PT and boot camp revenue.

I am still learning every day, and I value your teaching and passion!!! Now the Main reason I am writing you today: I have been watching our trainers struggle in the past few months, so I got the two of them together on Sunday and taught them the close 9 out of 10 clients techniques, and methods.

In Just 3 days they have signed up 30 clients on EFT. The best part of this whole experience was when one of the trainers came to me today and said "for the first time he feels like he has real career". This is Mike from Anytime Fitness in Indiana.

I know that you probably get thousands of emails just like this. Not bad for facilities that are about sq ft How easy do you think it have about members.

Well, I doubled it. I got my chance on Saturday when I had a "drive by" that came in to get information. I scheduled her to come back two hours later for her free fitness consultation. Just as I was finishing up with her, the phone rang and it was an inquiry from an ad in the local paper.

How easy do you think it

I asked her to come by the studio and get her free consultation This is exactly what I needed to give me the last little edge I was looking for in the sales process.

Thanks so much for putting this together. What a payoff for such a minimal investment! Using your easy to use sales methods I have been able to close more clients consistently for bigger packages day in day out.


I never thought sales could be so easy and so fun. Gone are the days of being afraid to ask for the sale. In spite of what the economy is saying there are TONS of people that need our help. This video is worth Six figures to me! Last January I used the Close Clients system exclusively to close 20 new clients.

I never would have ever dreamed I could do that in a single month before your system — plus it was so unbelievably easy to do! The way you structure the orientation and teach what to say at the right time is invaluable in helping to teach a trainer exactly what to say until it becomes my own words.

This will be especially useful for me at this time since I have just been given the responsibility of turning a failing training facility into a successful one by teaching the trainers how to get clients. I know that you provide a huge piece of the success puzzle that was missing. As soon as I got your "Close Clients" video, I watched everything from beginning to end, absorbed the recommended strategies and took plenty of notes.

I especially liked the included diagrams and the mentoring group brainstorm segment which was most helpful for me in formulating my own sales communication, I realized where I needed to work on myself, both verbal and written, and also the best use of my time with the prospect.

To make a long story short, I recently got back in an environment where I have to close my own personal training packages. Unlike before where I was sent clients sold on a training package already and all I had to do was train them.

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I had to teach myself how to create my own leads and close my own clients. Let me tell you, I studied and honed my skills the first week and the second week, I applied the strategies to my prospects.

Well, I revived my business the moment I used my new closing skills I closed 2 big package programs: As fitness professionals, we all get trained with these educational, sometimes mandatory fitness certifications to change bodies.

This video should be a must for everyone who wants to get certified in "closing bodies," that is, your prospects! I still only train her once a week for only a half hour and to do measurements.So if you think so far maths is easy for you then dont question it and never stop believing in that, because our thoughts really go along way .

If you do that, you’ll be fine, but nothing is easy or everyone would be doing it. I know so many people doing this and doing it well because of the fear of others not to do it.

Think about the last time you ran into a coworker or family member spouting some easily disproven conspiracy theory -- somebody who still thinks Obama's birth certificate is a fake or that Dick Cheney arranged 9/11 to cover up his theft of $ trillion from the they were shown proof that their conspiracy theory was wrong, did .

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