Indian freedom fighter dreams

Fairs and Festivals Governance India, the world's largest democracy, has made tremendous strides in economic and social development in the past two decades.

Indian freedom fighter dreams

In India an immature political leadership controlled by extra constitutional power centres, has connived with a self-serving bureaucracy to make irresponsible and unaccountable use of the Armed Forces, and keeping them out of the decision matrix, even when military options are discussed.

The Indian fauji has no political ambitions and eschews interference in governance at all levels. This is tragic for our young nation, where despite coups all around us, we have a proven apolitical cadre of military personnel. The disdain for Indian Armed Forces, consistently Indian freedom fighter dreams by the politico-bureaucratic-extra constitutional combine, is translated into negation of a justified demand for One Rank One Pension, OROP.

What has this to do with Pensions? The public is ignorant about two vital aspects. Second, military personnel retire at a relative young age around 50 years; their civilian contemporaries retire at 60 years. When the possibility of Armed Forces staging a coup is ridiculed on TV and in print, then the politician cannot accept this theory.

Sadly the media has failed the nation and our military in particular, by neglecting this issue. When they are safe, secure and successful, the fauj is irrelevant. Whether the material and emotional wherewithal given to the fauji and his family is adequate for maintenance of national security and safety, is far from their minds.

They pay taxes and expect the Govt to ensure their security to generate wealth for themselves and India. Year after year no one seeks information about the Defence Budget, whether funds allocated are adequate, justified, commensurate to threats, or wasteful.

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The public has a very poor understanding of how threat is assessed i. It is sadly of no concern to more than 95 percent of Indians.

This is the biggest hurdle in the fauji getting anything justifiably due to him. The 6th Pay Commission, controlled and configured by bureaucrats, has generated avertable bitterness between bureaucrats and military.

Deplorably, no one is bothered. The fauji is not looking for sympathy, he does not need it. He wants the nation to understand why he is asking for OROP, not as a gift but a right.

The disdain for Indian Armed Forces, consistently demonstrated by the politico-bureaucratic-extra constitutional combine, is translated into negation of a justified demand for One Rank One Pension.

Indian freedom fighter dreams

The 3rd PC abolished Military Pensions, reduced it to 50 percent, increased civil pensions to 50 percent, and added a proviso that to earn full pension a govt servant must serve for 33 years.

Thus most military men seldom got full pension because very few could serve for 33 years, but the civil servants invariably got full pension because they served till the age of 58, getting them at least 33 years of service. Look at the perfidy of this rule and the shabby treatment meted out to the Armed Forces?

But look at it this way, Colonel Kapur who retired with 24 years of service at the age of 48 years inmust get the same pension as Colonel Ghosh who retires today at the age of 50 years with 24 years of service.

Why must Colonel Kapur have to beg for this, he is only seeking justice because he had to retire at a much younger age than his civilian contemporary who joined the IAS at the same time. The civilian does not retire with only 24 years service at the age of 50 years, he carries on till the age of 60, and crosses that 33 year barrier.

Regrettably our media, so fond of sensationalism, has not cared to take up cudgels for the military, which provides and preserves that freedom of expression the media clamour for.

Indian freedom fighter dreams

Enormous Numbers and who is Responsible? The Numbers Are Staggering. The number of retired Officers and Other Ranks is large. Big standing Armed Forces is inescapable to defend our land, its coastline, air space and borders.

Add to this the burden of keeping military manpower available for, taking over tasks of the para-military, disaster relief, mega national events etc. Looking at the politico-economic-adversarial relationship with our neighbours, the regional inter-se equations and our global ambitions, trimming the Armed Forces is not an option today.

He has no quarrel with what any other Govt servant gets. He wants what he justifiably deserves.

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So What can be Done and Urgently? To ignore unhappiness among retired military personnel is undesirable, but to brush aside and snub disenchantment among the serving military forces is dangerously foolish.

Which is why, even with an unblemished 63 year service record since independence, the equation between the military and civilian masters remains skewed against the military, with great possibility of greater disillusionment within the Armed Forces?Reincarnation Case #3: Shanti Devi.

This case happened in the s. Shanti Devi was born in India in , and like many of these cases, started speaking about . Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Artificial Intelligence Singularity sends back copy to change world's future.

Recruits genetically engineered sex slaves from to recreate Master's Harem, for man who helped invent machine that caused it all. Ancient India. The Madrasian culture in Tamil Nadu is the earliest known Paleolitihic site in India, dated to about million years ago.

The earliest authenticated human remains in South Asia date to about 30, years ago. Nearly contemporaneous Mesolithic rock art sites have been found in many parts of the Indian subcontinent, including at the Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh.

In democracies, bureaucrats with their political masters run the show, and it matters little to them that the nation’s Armed Forces creates conditions to run that show in a secure environment. The IAF has raised questions over several limitations that the Tejas has. The fighter jet's limited range and weapon carrying capacity are on top of concerns that the force has pointed out.

Here is a brief profile of great Indian writers. Read about popular Indian writers.

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