Louwrien wijers writing as sculpture louwrien

June 10, Minneapolis Jonathan Thomas: But how about with Donald Judd? After he moved to Marfa, Judd devoted a good twenty years to designing furniture.

Louwrien wijers writing as sculpture louwrien

List of items from RTA Berlin p. No, not all conversations, not everything. I started inand some things have been thrown away or even got lost.

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But, it is still here… in my head. And, when you told me you found another work of mine, I was thinking: You have to allow some life in all this. I have never really liked the idea of keeping everything. I believe, archives have to ferment and mold, and be eaten by rats and mice… haha, everyone has to enjoy.

And, when you return to something in your archives and it still has a very clear communication, then you have something in your hands that is more beautiful than ever. Oh, we have cookies, that is lovely. It stretches and squeezes our personal stacks of paper, engaging in creative perceptions for which we currently have no definitions.

It is like the wind that carries us. You could feel the air. My fascination with archives is that through a radical combination of precision and incompleteness they make of us collaborators in the process of developing a hybrid and holistic methodology that cannot be attained to other disciplines.

It constructs itself in relationship to the future rather than through modes of remembrance. It breathes, it chews. Its memory fades, its knowledge blurs. Perhaps, the work should be like a meteorological system or an ouragan 2 movement.

I mean, its behavior should be unstable, indeterminate and unknowable in advance and its authorship dispersed across many initiators and participants of all sorts.

One of the strengths of art has always been that it proposes models that are not immediately applicable but continue to resonate, as we do not stand on solid ground.

Special order items Coming down softly over the walls the silvery fabric is witness to many art narratives and to a personal history of interior design.
Non - objective art and Marina Abramovic This was the result of a discussion among FlU Amsterdam members, about the need for a world wide and multicultural art collection which should be owned by the entire world population, and which should overcome the barriers we have created through specialisation, and open up an understanding of what is common to our humanity as brotherhood, sisterhood, our human kindness and capacity to create.
Institut für Raumexperimente Psst…A Play on Gossip murmurs, whispers for your attention, wishing to embrace you through two evenings of live acts, gestures, puns, poetry and screenings.
Sorry, this page has been removed. The great masters To me the great masters in the west are as inspired as any great master from the east.

And, soil is something that should literally enter — and even dirty — the archive. To me, the archive is a living environment, it enters with a spider living in it.

It is connected to its architecture, it is passionate. I like to embrace, not comprehend — which is something that very much coincides with the art of conversation.

What can new conversations 3 mean or be? And, as it happens in conversations, our mind just stops. It stops your mind.

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It is a process that tries to draw a silhouette of a ghost, to delineate or even materialize something that is essentially written under erasure. In this play off between drawing writing and erasing, a new slowness 4 slips to us. What is the meaning of this slowness?

Personally, I think, it is a totally new time of knowledge production, it is a totally new situation of research. And, alongside the most rapid, even vaporizing processes there will always be slow ones, some indeed of such extreme slowness that we cannot sense and measure their work in progress at all.

They require more time and detract it from other things, and that is why they must be as precise and lucid as speed, because they must have no regrets. To me, the archive is not an object, but a complex editing process which shows its social feedback and architectural surroundings and produces information for others to use.

I love this idea of coming together, and to create what extends beyond our individual life; to be a catalyst and finally to know how to disappear. To become a delay in glass.

Producing and being shaped by its surroundings, it sometimes lays dormant for another action to come. Not exhibiting a total oeuvre, but rather a mantra of playful impulses with various velocities and temporalities subtracting space and time like a slow silver spider carrying it elsewhere.

louwrien wijers writing as sculpture louwrien

Its curious nature engages and puts into resonance an energy of many kinds that whispers rather than states its points of view. Many boxes filled with papers, documents, books, and other materials.

An archive that is growing quickly and where it is not always easy to find your way through. Not at the Academy. Not in my office. It makes you think, laugh, or cry.MARIA GIL ULLDEMOLINS Home Work Texts about Contact Work Texts about Contact.

The posters by Daniel Buren were a street art intervention, and the Leidseplein became the setting of Wim T. Schippers The work of contemporaries such as Maria van Elk and Louwrien Wijers also reveals a highly evolved artistic vision. Aside the named above, the exhibit also features work or documentation by artists including Douwe Jan.

> Claudy Jongstra’s book awarded the best dutch book designs > Monumentally-scaled and minimally composed, yet intimate and warm in their conception and craft, Claudy Jongstra’s tapestries and textiles bring a quiet presence and humanity to the modern architecture they often inhabit.

fig. 32 Andy Warhol talks to Louwrien Wijers, File Megazine, Vol. 5, March fig. 33 Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy, SDU, The Hague, pages. All spirituality which is known to the world does not come from God, because God knows no language. He does not speak English, Dutch, French, German or Sanskrit.

published in "WRITING AS SCULPTURE" - , by Louwrien Wijers. Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Saksat Parabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah. Get Writing!

With the shortest month of the year upon us, our thoughts turn to short stories. Five years ago we launched print-on-demand services at Harvard Book Store with Paige, our state-of-the-art .

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