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Talking to Your Doctor Your toenails have turned a golden color and now you are worried. What do you do? Yellow toenails can be caused by various conditions and diseases, but they can also be caused by personal habits and can be cured by medication or surgical removal depending on severity.

For example, if you paint your toenails red, yellow, or orange, your nail may be stained after you try to remove the polish. This is the simplest case where the solution would be to just to wait for the nail to grow out. However, in most cases it is an indication of a more serious problem such as a fungal infection the most common causediabetes, a nail syndrome, or lymphedema chronic leg swelling.

In these cases anything from prescription fungal cream to surgical removal of the toenails would be required. At the first sign of discoloration you should seek medical attention from a podiatrist or foot doctor. This way the cause can be determined and treatment on the affected toenails can begin promptly, before the problem worsens and any surgical procedure is needed.

Yellow toenails can affect anyone, but most people who experience this condition are between the ages of 20— Athletes of all ages are also susceptible to toenail problemsincluding discoloration because of the amount of stress placed on their feet My big head sweat production.

These symptoms are great indicators of the actual cause of the discoloration. Sometimes there will be a thickening of the nail, and it will have a raised appearance. Occasionally, the nail will become brittle and weak and begin to crumble or flake.

Sometimes all the toenails turn this color; other times only one or two may change color.

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The degree of the color may also vary as well. What Causes Yellow Toenails? There is a fungus among us! In most cases, yellow toenails are the result of toenail fungus. Bad hygiene is one of the leading causes of fungal infection of the toenails. Fungal infections in the nails are typically caused by personal habits such as wearing shoes made of non-breathable materials that allow sweat to mix with bacteria.

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Wearing old sweaty socks for a long period of time or going barefoot in public areas are also ways of contracting fungus.

Other causes include walking barefoot in wet, public places or not allowing your toenails to air out. Fungi love warm, moist, dark places such as close-toed shoes. Additional causes of include: Athletes spend lots of time, typically in one pair of shoes, performing repetitive movements like starting and stopping, jumping, and running.

Each of these activities can make your toenails vulnerable to trauma. Wearing the same shoes every day, especially if you sweat excessively and do not allow your shoes to air out between uses, can promote fungal and bacterial infections, which can lead to discolored toenails.

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This is why most athletes wear comfortable, breathable shoes and can go through several pairs in a year. Yellow Nail Syndrome This condition should be taken seriously and checked out by a podiatrist, but they should not be confused with a rare genetic disorder called Yellow Nail Syndrome.

A person with this nail syndrome has marked thickening and yellowish or greenish discolorations of the toenails. Plus, most patients who develop this nail syndrome have pleural effusions excess fluid in the space that surrounds the lungs and compromises breathinga systemic disease such as lymphedema localized fluid retention and tissue swellingand dystrophic nails nails that did not develop properly.

In most cases, the person with has a fungal infection, not YNS. Yellow Toenails Treatment Options For You The best way to return your toenails to their natural color will depend on the cause of the discoloration. If your nails are stained from polish, you may have to wait until the nail grows out to restore the natural color.

If the discoloration is being caused by an underlying condition such as diabetes, you may need to gain control over your condition to see improvements in other parts of your body.

Toenails discolored by this condition require extreme care because of the underlying cause is severe and harder to control. If you have an infection, there are several treatment options available.

Your doctor or podiatrist will determine the proper treatment method for you based on the severity and extent of the infection. Treatment can include over the counter medication, prescription topical creams, and even surgical removal for the extreme cases.

For milder infections, he or she may prescribe a medicated polish containing the ingredient cicloprox.Product Description.

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