My ethical values essay

Select Page Essay on Moral Values Moral values are the good values that our taught to us by our parents and teachers. These include being honest and kind, showing respect towards others, extending help to those in need, being faithful to ones partner and cooperating with others to name a few. Imbibing good moral values make a person a good human being.

My ethical values essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Values can be accumulated from our childhood based on the various teachings and observations from our parents, teachers, pastors and other influential individuals in our lives.

Ethics and values are about the choices made — or failed to make, and becoming aware of our thoughts and of our abilities to make informed, intelligent decisions, as well as our belief system.

I am aware that my values and beliefs are a result of the choices that I make, and will have consequences, both for me and for others. I realized I made decisions of where to live, how to spend my time, whom to associate with, whom to believe, or not believe.

I am constantly faced with choices that affect the length and quality my life. Regardless of where life may lead me, my personal beliefs and values My ethical values essay with me; however, I must be careful not to impose those beliefs on clientele when providing therapy.

When working with clients, integrity and concern for their welfare are essential. I realize that I have a tendency to stereotype people based on my past experiences on what I had heard from others or was taught. I realize that this is not a constructive way for me to be, and will definitely not benefit anyone I may come in contact with.

My ethical values essay

I believe it is important for me to be responsible, professional in my behavior, respectful, and yet maintain a high level of honesty while supporting clients.

It will be helpful for me to become acquainted with the American Psychological Association APA Code of Ethics so I can and abide by those guidelines when it comes to respecting the rights of clients.

Moreover, this will help me avoid imposing my belief system on them. Discussion There are a vast number of ethical and legal issues when it comes to counseling and working with clients. It is important to be sincere, genuine, patient, nonjudgmental, understanding, and possess strong interpersonal skills, yet be flexible when working with clients.

Psychologists are aware that special safeguards may be necessary to protect the rights and welfare of individuals, or communities whose vulnerabilities impair autonomous decision making. According to Welfel age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status when working with members of such groups.

It is important for psychologists to try to eliminate any biases based on those factors, and avoid participating in or condoning the activities of others based upon such prejudices.

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The Code of Ethics acknowledges that counselors are to explore their own cultural identities and how these affect their values and beliefs about the counseling process APA, Since there are so many different cultures in this country, I feel it becomes unavoidable not to come in contact with multiple people from multiple backgrounds along with their multicultural issues.

I think all multicultural groups should have access to the kind of counseling, which honors their ethnicity, speaks their language, and treats them the way they would be treated among their own ethnic group.

Even if this requires additional training for a therapist, I think it will be beneficial for the sake of the client. When providing treatment, I will need to be careful not to violate any client boundaries, remain professional, and not cross over into any questionable territory.

Another ethical concern is dual relationships.Jul 28,  · My personal code of ethics will guide my resolution of ethical dilemmas. It is consistent with my employer’s code of ethics as well as the code of ethics of a professional organization that I hope to join in the near future.

Personal Values and Ethical Standards James Green BSHS/ April 29, Marcia Winter Personal Values and Ethical Standards Those people and things I value most is God, my recovery, self, respect, family, education, career, freedom, friends, community, and finance. For me, these people and things are desirable and important.

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Every single one of my ethical values present in my code can and should be applied to both my personal and professional behavior. My code is imperative to maintaining my moral compass in the workplace as I embark on a career in public accounting.

Essay about Ethical Values of Cultural Competence. An example would be my values, I, personally, have many values.

Some of my most important values consist of my family, my ethnicity and my memories. Something that I value the most would be my family.

Imagine walking into a village in another country. You find that a local military officer is about to shoot three people lined up against the wall.

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