Plato and the cave essay

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Plato and the cave essay

While most of us are not familiar with the allegory of the cave, most of us have read or at least heard of the enormously popular Harry Potter series. At first sight, it might seem that a modern day fictional story about witchcraft and wizardry might have little to do with platonic musings on societal governance.

But if we look a little deeper, we could find many similarities the main one being the creation of an artificial society with specific norms, rules, and circumstances.

Both the harsh reality of the cave, and the magical world inhabited by Muggles and wizards alike, are environments which form the individuals living within them according to what is allowed, possible, and desirable. Despite the influence of the surroundings, however, some exceptional individuals escape the cave, fight against dark magic, and discover new forms of understanding, sorcery and being.

It seems that to be exceptional one must either acquire new skills and knowledge or be born extraordinary.

Plato and the cave essay

This analysis will help us to understand how individuals in each of the stages are likely to behave in their reality and what qualities within a person are expected to lead them to toward the fourth stage of enlightenment.

In this stage, they are bound by their unnecessary and appetitive desires, which attach them Plato and the cave essay the world of ignorance. In the second step toward knowledge, the prisoners are educated in art or craft.

Once they have received this training, they can view the world more explicitly. They can now see the real objects and not just their reflections on the walls of the cave, and they are free of their unnecessary desires and continue having only necessary ones.

Plato,17 In the third stage, the prisoners are educated in mathematics, which allows them to let go of their necessary appetites and embrace active ones. Once this has happened, they can exit the cave, free of their bondage, and see the world for themselves. According to Plato, the fourth and final liberating step on the journey toward knowledge is the study of dialectics and practical city management.

Through it, people can let go of their spirited desires and become governed by rational ones alone. Those who have gotten this far may see the good itself, which is related to all their previous experiences. Plato,17 Now that we have outlined the four stages of knowledge according to Plato, we may proceed to relate each of them to a character from the Harry Potter series.

As already stated, the least favorable state of the individual from a Platonic perspective is the one in which they are completely ignorant and uneducated.

Plato allegory of the cave pdf 50 essays samuel

This way of being is related to a complete lack of attitude toward the world, and a presence of appetitive desires. He owns a beautiful house, a car, and is somewhat wealthy, but a significant question arises here. If one is professionally successful, but deprived of emotional intelligence and the ability to accept new ways of thinking and life, is it possible for this individual to advance and learn?

Although he is aware of the magical world, Mr. Dursley is firmly determined to squeeze the magic out of Harry. Any hint of anything out of the ordinary drives the head of the Dursley family wild.

He is just unable and unwilling to understand magic, in the real or metaphorical sense. When Harry gets his first letter from Hogwarts, he is terrified and helpless to believe that something like this could catch up with them after all these years. He cannot understand that it is best for a young wizard to live in his world, surrounded by magic.

The only thing he can say is: His desires are indeed limited to the material world in which he lives; he is only capable of seeing the shadows of what truly matters in life. A character fit for the second stage of the learning cycle would be professor Umbridge.

She has an excellent occult knowledge, but she has far from being increased above her desires to advance in her career at the expense of others.

Plato and the cave essay

She is still capable of punishing students in the cruelest of fashions and is far from seeing the genuine good will of Dumbledore, whose primary concern is the well-being of the students and that of the whole magical world.

Umbridge is still stuck with the attitude of the cave, even though she can see the objects for herself she does not yet have the whole picture.

The Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge fits the third step of the knowledge path. When he finally gets the necessary proof of the return of Lord Voldemort, he exits the metaphorical cave and can see the sunlight and the world as it is.Plato's allegory of the cave is a hypothetical scenario depicted by an enlightening conversation between Socrates and Plato's brother, Glaucon.

The conversation basically deals with the ignorance of humanity trapped within the precincts of conventional ethics.

(Essay) Reading Plato’s Allegory of the Cave as Matricide and Theacide by Carol P. Christ ©Andrea Sarris When I read Plato’s allegory of the cave as an undergraduate, I was told it had something to do with the idea that the “form” of a table is more “real” than the table itself.

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Plato’s work in the Allegory of the Cave emphasizes the actualization of reality and truth. Fredrick Douglass’ life, which is portrayed in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, is similar to Plato’s philosophical idea presented in “The Allegory of the Cave.

Analysis of Plato's Allegory of the Cave Essay example Words | 4 Pages. Analysis of Plato's Allegory of the Cave Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" presents a vision of humans as slaves chained in front of a fire observing the shadows of things on the cave wall in front of them.

The shadows are the only "reality" the slaves know. Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” Essay Plato’s “allegory of the cave” is a metaphor for human life and the effect of education on the human character and spirit. While most of us are not familiar with the allegory of the cave, most of us have read or at least heard of the enormously popular Harry Potter series.

Allegory of the cave plato essay papers