Porters five force analysis for paint

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Porters five force analysis for paint

For example, you could take fair advantage of a strong position or improve a weak one, and avoid taking wrong steps in future. We look at how they can help you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and how they can impact your long-term profitability.

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Since its publication init has become one of the most popular and highly regarded business strategy tools. Porter recognized that organizations likely keep a close watch on their rivals, but he encouraged them to look beyond the actions of their competitors and examine what other factors could impact the business environment.

He identified five forces that make up the competitive environment, and which can erode your profitability. This looks at the number and strength of your competitors.

How many rivals do you have? Who are they, and how does the quality of their products and services compare with yours? Where rivalry is intense, companies can attract customers with aggressive price cuts and high-impact marketing campaigns. This is determined by how easy it is for your suppliers to increase their prices.

How many potential suppliers do you have? How unique is the product or service that they provide, and how expensive would it be to switch from one supplier to another? The more you have to choose from, the easier it will be to switch to a cheaper alternative.

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But the fewer suppliers there are, and the more you need their help, the stronger their position and their ability to charge you more. That can impact your profit. Here, you ask yourself how easy it is for buyers to drive your prices down. How many buyers are there, and how big are their orders?

How much would it cost them to switch from your products and services to those of a rival? Are your buyers strong enough to dictate terms to you?

Porters five force analysis for paint

When you deal with only a few savvy customers, they have more power, but your power increases if you have many customers. This refers to the likelihood of your customers finding a different way of doing what you do.

For example, if you supply a unique software product that automates an important process, people may substitute it by doing the process manually or by outsourcing it.


A substitution that is easy and cheap to make can weaken your position and threaten your profitability.Nov 15,  · Porter’s Five Force Analysis Threat of New Entrants- Medium Paint market in India is dominated by few players, making it difficult for anyone newly entering the industry to compete.

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Porter five forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development formed by Michael E.

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Porter of Harvard Business School in It draws uponindustrial organizationeconomics to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market.

There are several examples of how Porter's Five Forces can be applied to various industries online. As an example, stock analysis firm Trefis looked at how Under Armour fits into the athletic.

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substitutes in the paint and coatings industry appear to be emerging regularly implying Overall, the Porter’s 5 Forces analysis should provide students with an indication that Porters 5 forces of the raw materials based industry.

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