Puno to arequipa nightly business report

The national flag consists of red, white, and red vertical stripes. The metric system is the legal standard. Movable holidays include Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Puno to arequipa nightly business report

II Puno to arequipa nightly business report is a world about which many Americans are not very knowledgeable. It is a world in which the monarchy and the Catholic Church are the two most powerful institutions and honor is the concept on which all Spaniards, especially those of the nobility, based their behavior.

It is a world of hierarchy and privileges, which arbitrarily set limits to political achievements. Race and blood were determining factors in the worth of an individual. Moors and Jews were infidels and were driven from Spain.

No one could aspire to any political office if there was even one drop of Moorish or Jewish blood in his veins.

And if a researcher had to be bribed to expunge from a certificate some Jewish or Moorish blood four generations back—well, who would know the difference? And here the concept of honor impinges upon the question of race.

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But to complicate matters even further, a person could have the purest blood and even be born into a noble family and yet be denied being considered for important government positions if he had the misfortune of being born in the New World instead of in Spain.

In the hierarchy of privilege a person born in the mother country was called a peninsular and the person who was born in the New World was a criollo, and thus was automatically inferior, a source of jealousy and bitterness which played an important role in the wars for Independence.

Of course mestizos, those who possessed a mixture of Spanish and Indian blood could claim no privileges at all and Indians and blacks were at the bottom of the heap. They were the servants and the workers and they really had no social status.

In the code of honor, which was not a written one, more important than what happened was whether it was made public and what people thought of the situation. Many died because of sullied honor, real or just suspected or imagined. Its purpose is to provide a historical background for the period in which the story takes place.

Let the reader be assured that by so doing nothing in the plot will be lost. The reader may wish to skip over these sections if he or she is interested only in the main narrative. There are many of them.

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The use of digressions may do violence to the desire on the part of some readers to read a plot, which is neatly structured. That attitude is understandable. If the monarchy and the related hierarchy of the nobility are over-arching in the lives of colonial Peruvians, just a tiny bit less important is the role of the Catholic Church and its most feared instrumentality—the Inquisition.

And to be completely accurate, at times the Church and the Inquisition were more powerful than the viceregal government.

puno to arequipa nightly business report

Only one religion, the Christian religion, was allowed and only one church, the Catholic Church, had the right to exist. Life revolved around Masses, christenings, marriages and funerals, not to mention confession and processions and feast days, usually to honor some saint.

The Holy Office determined which books could be imported into the New World and kept a list of prohibited works, some of ones which portrayed immoral life novels in generalsome of which raised unwelcome questions about Church dogma or those who ran the affairs of that institution, and others which treated political theories or actions which attacked the monarchy and advanced the cause for independence from the mother country.

In addition, the Inquisition was on the lookout for heretics and members of the Church who were accused of practicing witchcraft, of immoral behavior or of religious views, which were at variance with accepted Church doctrine and practice. Just about every person in Peru feared a knock at the door at midnight which would precede a surprise arrest and being carried off in the infamous green carriage to, at the very least, incarceration, which could result in sequestration of goods and property, torture and even death.

This fear was well founded for many reasons, but especially because the accused was never told which charge or charges had been leveled against him and who had leveled the charge. Further, relatively few heretics were burned at the stake in the New World.

PERUVIAN TRADITIONS: Classic Stories from Peru

In addition to the Inquisition the Church possessed one other tool to enforce conformity—excommunication. Little wonder that even the threat of excommunication could force a person to get into line.

Palma takes great delight in poking fun, not maliciously, at ecclesiastics who take themselves too seriously and at Church practices that smack of authoritarianism and lack of good judgment.

I put forth four reasons: Many writers have tried to imitate that style; none have succeeded. One year later Spanish forces invaded the Chincha and bombarded Callao.

Five years later three colonels rebelled against Balta and assassinated him. At this point Palma turned his back on the present in which he was living and tried to bury his life in the past.Peru is a multiparty republic with a dominant executive branch that often uses its control of the legislature and the judiciary to the detriment of the democratic process.

The British Computer Society is a professional body and a learned society that represents those working in Information Technology both in the United Kingdom and internationally. playing in the city of Arequipa, Peru.

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