Research paper on socio economic status

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Research paper on socio economic status

More patient individuals, for example, are less likely to be involved in crime, and have higher levels of education and better health.

Similarly, people who score higher on intelligence tests tend to achieve greater levels of success in education, occupational status, and income. Social science research has indicated that IQ and preferences, which begin to crystallize in childhood, persist into adulthood, ultimately predicting our habits and important life outcomes.

The authors collected such data from German children, aged 7 to 9, and their mothers. High-SES families in the group met none of those criteria. The children and their mothers participated in two interviews, held 16 months apart, where the children were tested for their intelligence, answered a questionnaire, and took part in experiments.

The experiments were designed to measure patience, risk-taking and altruism by means of incentivized decisions with real life consequences.

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Meanwhile, the mothers filled out a detailed questionnaire on household income and environment, parenting style, and completed an IQ test. These gaps compare to about half of the black-white achievement gaps in the US, the paper notes.

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Children from low-SES families were more impatient, more risk-taking, less altruistic, and had lower IQ scores. These findings illustrate that, even at elementary-school age, children differ in the way they make economic decisions.

The gaps prevail when the results are weighted to be representative of the population. The researchers then studied the underlying mechanisms of these gaps, a novel step for this area of research.

They apply the estimates from their model to a variety of measures intended to even the playing field for disadvantaged children. While they acknowledge the relative simplicity of their model, they recommend a few measures aimed at reducing socioeconomic gaps in IQ and preferences.

The overall productivity of the IQ and preference formation process hardly differs between high and low SES families.

Research paper on socio economic status

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Research papers on socio economic status in punjabi

demographic data of the students (age, gender), parental socio – economic status, parental educational background and qualification as well as the health statuses of the respondents was International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences.

Whatever the measurement is the socio-economic status is positively correlated with both educational attainment and achievement. The socioeconomic background was founded and recognized from the wealthy and well-educated parents that can help to ensure the future of their children.

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Research has shown that race, ethnicity determines the socio-economic status of an individual when the society is subjected to stratification. African Americans equally occupy a low social status attributed to the disadvantages of slavery and the status they earned as slaves.

Keywords: academic achievement, academic outcomes, educational policy, socio economic status, sociology of education, higher education American Journal of Educational Research, .

Research paper on socio economic status update