Superior leader paper

The Revolutionary War appeared to be over. The Americans had won an astounding victory against the most powerful empire in the world. Yet, General Washington was worried. What concerned Washington was that British troops still occupied parts of the newly independent country.

Superior leader paper

Brooklyn, NY Introduction This paper presents a model of holistic leadership that is proposed for inclusion with the integrative class leadership theories. It positions holistic leadership as a synthesis of full participation models and developmentally-oriented leadership theories by building upon theories of holistic development.

To support its thesis, it begins with an overview of the evolution of leadership theory. Holistic leadership is then defined with its distinguishing elements placed within the context of contemporary leadership literature.

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The paper concludes with a statement of the theory's fundamental assumptions, its implications for leadership development, and its potential as a supporting framework for future research.

To lead is to inspire others to realize their best potential. While many other definitions of leadership exist, leadership practitioners who meet this standard are likely to be successful more often than not.

This paper offers an emergent theory of leadership built upon the class of theories most closely aligned with this goal. It then integrates them with theories of holistic development that offer insight into the most effective ways to access the best potential of enterprise members.

Leadership Paradigms As Lussier and Achua note, leadership has evolved over the past sixty years to produce four major paradigms: In some Superior leader paper, each paradigm shift emerged as an evolutionary consequence of both the strengths and the limitations of the Superior leader paper that preceded it - each in its own way offering a perspective on how to inspire that best potential in the individuals and groups being led.

Of these paradigms, the integrative class which includes transformational, servant, and authentic leadership theories, builds upon behavioral, trait, and contingency theories by extending the leader's impact beyond task fulfillment to the process of leadership itself. The expectation is that by attending to the motivational needs of followers, better outcomes are likely to ensue.

However, despite the soundness of this premise, translating these theories into practices that deliver consistently superior results remains a challenge for most practitioners.

This paper associates the cause with three perceived limitations of the current crop of integrative theories: They do not extend themselves far enough into the realm of follower motivation; Many continue to rest the locus of causality in leadership processes with the leader; and Most do not fully explore the systems implications of the leader, led, and context triad.

Therefore, an opportunity exists for a leadership theory that addresses these shortcomings. Holistic leadership proffers seven fundamental assumptions about the nature of effective leadership: Successful outcomes result from an orientation toward development.

The healthiest and most productive development is done collaboratively. The leadership unit shapes the context of collaboration. The core leadership unit is the individual, which makes every participant a leader within his or her own sphere of influence.

The intrinsic desire for meaningful purpose suggests that every individual wants to realize his or her best potential.

Superior leader paper

Holistically-led collaboration requires that the participant's right to self-determination be respected. The exercise of self-determination in a way that realizes the individual's best potential, results from an iterative process that must be supported.

This paper presents holistic leadership as that next step in the theoretical progression of the integrative paradigm. It does so by drawing upon holistic development theory and its implications for elevating the role of self-determination and collaborative development to a position that is inextricable from successful leadership practice.

This contention will be supported first by an overview of the evolution of leadership theory with an emphasis on the connecting strands that link other classes of leadership theory with integrative theories of leadership. From there, a theory of holistic leadership will be presented in sufficient detail to distinguish it from existing theories and articulate its potential as a model for leader, leadership, and organizational development.

Evolution of Leadership Theory: In this way, great man theories anticipated both the trait and contingency theories that were to follow. The search for qualities most commonly found in great leaders led to an interest in leadership traits and behaviors that could be measured.

It was only upon the inability to find an empirically validated list of traits dispositive of leadership proficiency that other explanations were explored.The Cyber Express-Record. Digital reproductions of the mailed pages of The Superior Express and Jewell County Record newspapers are organized by date of publication.

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