True grit film making with the

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True grit film making with the

Making Sense of Sandpaper Methods for sanding efficiently Sanding a rough surface smooth in preparation for a finish seems a pretty straightforward proposition. For a board fresh out of the planer, woodworkers know to start with a coarse paper, True grit film making with the grit or grit, and progress incrementally without skipping a grade up to the finer grits.

At each step, you simply erase the scratches you made previously with finer and smaller scratches until, at grit or grit, the scratches are too small to see or feel. But there are a fair number of opinions on how to do this most efficiently.

Making Sense of Sandpaper

What goes on between belt sander and board? Sandpaper is a kind of cutting tool, like a saw or a plane. You can remove the scratches left by grit sandpaper with grit, but it will take you far more work than if you use grit first.

When sanding maple, for instance, skipping two grits between 80 and will probably double the total sanding time. This, however, is not as true with woods such as pine. Soft woods take much less work overall to sand smooth.

Skipping a grit will increase the work negligibly and may save you some materials. Sand bare wood to or grit--For sanding bare wood, grit will generally give you a surface that looks and feels perfectly smooth and is ready for a finish of some kind.

These finishes will pick up and telegraph the smallest scratches. Sanding the wood to grit or finer will prepare the surface better. Maple sanded to grit will not take a pigmented stain, for example.

Pigments work by lodging themselves into nooks and crannies on the surface; without them, they will have no place to stick.

Sand faster across the grain--How many times have you been told never to sand across the grain? The scratches are much more obvious, look terrible and are hard to remove with the next finer grit.

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But what holds true for planing wood is also true for sanding. Cross-grain scratches are harder to remove simply because they are deeper.

Use a combination of cross-grain and with-grain sanding to get the smoothest surface in the fastest manner. Then, with the same grit, sand with the grain to remove the cross-grain scratches.

Do this with each grit when belt-sanding and hand-sanding. When I use my orbital, I just sand with the grain.

Choosing from the four abrasive minerals Four common abrasive minerals are aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramics and garnet. Except for garnet, they are all manufactured, designed if you will, for different cutting properties. Harder and sharper minerals cut deeper scratches and, consequently, sand the wood faster.

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But these deep scratches leave a coarse finish, whether you sand with or across the grain. Softer minerals within the same grit size will cut far more slowly but leave a smoother finish.

For example, if you sand a board on one side with a grit ceramic, the hardest abrasive mineral, and the other side with grit garnet, the softest, you will be able to feel a distinct difference between the surfaces.

It will seem as if you sanded the two sides with different grit sizes. There are many other factors that influence the appropriateness of a sandpaper for a job see the Minerals.

Beyond that, they diverge greatly. From the coarsest grits up to aboutparticles are graded through a series of wire mesh screens. The smaller grit sizes are graded through an air- or water-flotation process that separates particles by weight. P-graded abrasives are to tighter tolerances than the CAMI grades.

Micron-graded abrasives are most uniform in size and best for sanding finishes.A gastrolith, also called a stomach stone or gizzard stone, is a rock held inside a gastrointestinal heartoftexashop.comliths in some species are retained in the muscular gizzard and used to grind food in animals lacking suitable grinding other species the rocks are ingested and pass through the digestive system and are frequently replaced.

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True grit film making with the

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