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Pam specializes in laws that have an impact on First Nations, and has a year history of activism on social, political and legal issues. His specialty is examining the political economy of fair trade, free trade, global trade governance and how trade issues play out among social movements and states.

Union essay

Background[ edit ] G.

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Kennan rejoined the U. Although he was highly critical of the Soviet system, the mood within the U.

Union essay

State Department was friendship towards the Soviets, because the Soviets were an important ally in the war against Nazi Germany. Kennan proposed a policy known as Containment. In reply, Kennan wrote the Long Telegram outlining his opinions and views of the Soviets; "According to Kennan, the Soviets' view of the world came from a traditional 'Russian sense of insecurity Among its most-remembered parts was that while Soviet power was "impervious to the logic of reason", it was "highly sensitive to the logic of force".

Answer to Dept'sFeb. I hope, therefore, Dept will bear with me if I submit in answer to this question five parts I apologize in advance for this burdening of telegraphic channel; but questions involved are of such urgent importance, particularly in view of recent events, that our answers to them, if they deserve attention at all, seem to me to deserve it at once.

In the first two sections, he posited concepts that became the foundation of American Cold War policy: The USSR perceived itself at perpetual war with capitalism; The USSR viewed left-wing, but non-communist, groups in other countries as Union essay even worse enemy of itself than the capitalist ones; The USSR would use controllable Marxists in the capitalist world as allies; Soviet aggression was fundamentally not aligned with the views of the Russian people or with economic reality, but rooted in historic Russian nationalism and neurosis ; The Soviet government 's structure inhibited objective or accurate pictures of internal and external reality.

According to Kennan, the Soviet Union did not see the possibility for long-term peaceful coexistence with the capitalist world. The Soviets' ever-present aim was to advance the socialist cause. For the Soviets, capitalism was a menace to the ideals of socialism, and capitalists could not be trusted or allowed to influence the Soviet people.

Outright conflict was never considered a desirable avenue for the propagation of the Soviet cause, but their eyes and ears were always open for the opportunity to take advantage of "diseased tissue" anywhere in the world. He argued that the Soviet Union would be sensitive to force, that the Soviets were weak compared to the united Western worldthat the Soviets were vulnerable to internal instability, and that Soviet propaganda was primarily negative and destructive.

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Kennan advocated sound appraisal, public education, solutions of the internal problems of U. Clifford-Elsey Report[ edit ] In JulyPresident Truman enlisted the services of one of his senior advisers, Clark Cliffordto prepare a report on Soviet relations that would provide detail on "Soviet disregard" for post-war agreements.

The President, allegedly frustrated by Soviet actions, claimed he wanted "to be ready to reveal to the whole world the full truth about the Russian failure to honor agreements". The final report, entitled American Relations with the Soviet Union, was presented solely to the President on September 24,and it did not circulate beyond his desk.

In fact, President Truman ordered that all copies of the report be delivered to him because the report was of great value to him "but if it leaked, it would blow the roof off the White House It also stressed the importance of a well-informed public because "only a well-informed public will support the stern policies which Soviet activities make imperative".

On the urging, however, of Hamilton Fish Armstrongeditor of Foreign Affairs, Kennan obtained permission from Forrestal to publish the article under the pseudonym "X".

When it was revealed that the author was George Kennan, the connection to official policy was made, and some high-ranking officials, including Secretary of State George C.

Marshallquestioned the approval for the publication. Both his writing of the Long Telegram and his input into the Clifford-Elsey Report factored into the content of the article. The Long Telegram was a review of how the Soviet Union saw the world.

The Clifford-Elsey Report took those facts and interpreted how they affected the world and what the United States should do about it. The X Article took the information presented in the two prior reports and constructed a road map for the Cold War.

The article proved to be the public face of American foreign policy in the Cold War—even though Kennan himself noted that he felt that he was misunderstood—in the statement that the "United States policy toward the Soviet Union must be that of a long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies".

Much of the meaning that was interpreted from the article, even within the government, was not the true meaning that Kennan intended. He admitted that there were serious deficiencies in the article and he was afflicted with ulcers over the response that the article received.

Y, also known as the Y Article, which was later inspired by the X Article.Oct 30,  · Labor Unions Essay Words | 6 Pages Introduction Labor unions are a heavily debated topic throughout the world, particularly in the United States (US).

Thank you all for a fantastic 17th Annual Gardendale Magnolia Festival! Union Essay. statements above, present a detailed discussion on trade unions. Your discussion should include reasons why employees join trade unions, goals on trade unions, trade union structure and organisational effectiveness and closed shop and agency shop agreements.

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Essay Labor Unions And The Labor Union A labor union is an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interest of its members. There are over 14 million workers who represent over 60 different unions ranging from farmers to firefighters to teachers, etc.

NSC, National Security Council Paper NSC (entitled “United States Objectives and Programs for National Security” and frequently referred to as NSC) was a Top-Secret report completed by the U.S. Department of State’s Policy Planning Staff on April 7, Credit Union scholarships are available at many Credit Unions around the country.

This is a partial list of participating institutions. Some of the Credit Unions in this program include: Bethpage Credit Union, Pima Federal, Valley First, Altura, McCoy, Three Rivers, Polish & Slavic, BayPort and Boeing.

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