Writing a ghost story graveyard of the atlantic

Jan 8, My latest writing project For a few months now, I'm been pecking away at a mockumentary style book about a made-up pop star named Lindisse. The characters in my Traveling Society series talk about her music and I thought it'd be fun to write a book about her!

Writing a ghost story graveyard of the atlantic

It reaches back to the beginning of time. You rose from the bodies of your ancestors. Two childhood friends, Maggie and Elizabeth, are irrevocably joined by their love for one man lost on the Southern Cross, a brother to one and a groom-to-be of the other.

Lives of families come into focus against the background of the island of Newfoundland, taking readers on a journey beginning more than a century ago and continuing to the s.

A loss comes for which the church offers solace, the graveyard none. Motivated by her family connection to the disappearance of the Southern Cross and its sealers during the March voyage to the icefields, the author stitches together the lives of women and men cut from strong, enduring fabrics.

Then her father could stay home and jig fish off the stagehead all day long. Some days she ran through woodbine, stirring its honeysuckle flowers, their perfume spraying the air as she hurried in bare feet over the gravelled path to the beach.

Nothing was going to keep her father from coming home.

writing a ghost story graveyard of the atlantic

The nine-year-old, though slight, looked tall as she stood against the sky on a wall of smooth stones: Most days he was home by suppertime. She had often waited for him as he steered the boat against the glass eye of a noon sun, and other times under the furrowed brow of evening, amidst the traffic of other boats, birds, and pothead whales.

Sometimes she ran back and forth across the beach, tossing a small stone into the air and catching it on the back of her hand. She dropped the stone and picked up a leafed string of knotweed and put its tiny, white flower to her nose. It would happen sometimes that her father had to put in to a small inlet for shelter from a sudden storm or rogue sea.

The boat would sail near enough for her to see her father, and her arm would swing into the air. She would dance along the shore, hitching up her dress, and run into the waves, her laugh resounding across the cove. Her father was home! She was safe from Myrtle, her stepmother.

Together they would go up to supper smiling. Now, time and again, she glanced at the sky as if fearing the light would fade and darkness would cover the world. Other children had gone home and she was left alone on the beach.

Night settled over her like a black cloud obscuring her view of the ocean and the land. Still, she stayed, ignoring a grating voice like a line with a fish hook pulling on her ear.

Finally Maggie gritted her teeth, turned and started up the path to the house, her feet like two heavy stones. Two days passed and her father had not come home.Just while writing about it I get chills down my spine. This ghost story took place in Hörgárdalur valley in North-Iceland.

The Deacon of Dark River - a Ghost Story from North-Iceland Why do we have so many waterfalls some people ask and the answer is because we have north Atlantic climate that produces frequent rain and snow and due. The ghost of John Welch and his daughter Molly are said to haunt the theater. Welch was the owner of a mansion that stood on the property in the s to s, before it was torn down to build the theater.

Gather round, gentle readers! This week I present 20 tales of library dread, guaranteed to bring you thrills, chills, and spills in the form of someone dropping their full . Free ghost story papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search - The Ingredients of a Successful Ghost Story In this essay I will be writing about the ghost story genre.

The ghost story is different to other types of story because it gives you a unique feeling at the end of the story. “The Graveyard Wager” is a. Curl up by the fire and I'll tell you a ghost story. Don't be alarmed by the creak of the floorboards, the murmurs in the basement, the shrill ululations of a distant dog.

Try not to be perturbed. Aug 29,  · Graveyard of shoes. Discussion in 'Bodies On or Near the Wrecksite' started by Jan C. Nielsen we got confirmation of that last night.

ABC's Nightline did a program entitled "Ghost Ship," wherein a submersible visited the German battleship Bismark, for the first time.

and this sadness will prevail to the generations who come to learn the.

Mallows Bay: Graveyard for Government Boo-Boo | National Underwater and Marine Agency